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1081 Westwood Blvd, Suite 234
Los Angeles, CA, 90024
United States


clinical psychologist

New Parents

Being a new parent is hard.  Even pregnancy is scary.  What will life be like? Will I get to do the things that I used to do? Who will I be now?  What if I don’t feel connected to the baby?  Having a baby is a big change.  Even when it is something that you have wanted for a really long time, it can feel like a conflicting experience. I have a special passion for working with pregnant women and new moms or dads.  

Being a new mom can feel like a daunting task with a million new decisions to make.  You might be wondering if you are “doing it right”.  Maybe you are scared you will drop the baby. Or it feels so hard to decide if you want to keep breast feeding; you like bonding with your child, but you are so sick of being a prisoner to the breast pump.  You also might feel like you are obsessing over things that you know aren’t a big deal.  You want to turn your mind off, but you just can’t.  It can be really scary to ask for help because you don’t want anyone to think you are a bad parent or you don’t want this to actually be a big deal.  Ask me.  I’ll help you. Let’s get you back to the person you were before.


1081 Westwood Blvd. Suite 234,
Los Angeles CA 90024

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